Supporting Integration: A Toolkit for Practitioners Working with Children and Young People on the Move

Family for Every Child, December 2023

The ‘Supporting Integration’ toolkit documents and shares good practice guidance for practitioners working with child migrants. The toolkit was developed as part of a three year project which involved research into the integration of children moving from the Middle East to Europe, and aims to enhance integration support and services, ensuring that children and young people are provided with a care that fosters their development and well-being. 

The toolkit is built around a model of integration which contains the six dimensions that should be considered when supporting a child or young person in a holistic way: Foundations; Environment; Social Connectedness; Autonomy; Personal Capacities, and Sustainability.  Within each dimension, there are key actions and considerations and a ‘practitioner toolbox’ containing tips, resources, and practice examples. There are also ‘top tips’ for practitioners which were provided by children on the move in Italy, Greece and Lebanon.

The toolkit is currently available in English, Spanish, Italian and German. It will soon be available in Greek and French.

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