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Changemakers for Children's Rules

1. Safeguarding is of the utmost importance to this community. This means:

  • As a member of this platform, you agree to follow Family for Every Child’s Safeguarding Policy and connected Visual Images Policy. This includes a responsibility to support the care and protection of the children, young people and communities we work with / represent; a commitment to children’s rights and best interests.*
  • In the context of this platform, this includes, but is not limited to, minimising the risks of harm to children and young people’s welfare. Any portrayal of children and young people and their experiences must protect their identity and privacy, preserve their dignity and be accurate, balanced and fair. Informed consent for sharing information or imagery is also required.
  • Users of the platform are committed to ensuring a safe space for all community members, with special consideration given to those with lived experience and human rights defenders who may be at increased risk of harm. All users agree to uphold human and child rights principles in how they engage with the platform and its users. This includes a commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and other relevant international and human rights frameworks.
  • Any content or activity that infringes on people’s rights, including privacy, will be removed.
  • You need to be aged 18 or over to join this platform, unless special permission from Family for Every Child and your parent/guardian has been sought.
  • Don’t provide your personal details to people on this platform. We recommend using the platform mechanisms only to communicate.
  • If you see anything you feel violates safeguarding standards, please  report the post in the platform, or contact us on

2. You warrant that any resources that you upload on this platform can be shared and used by these Resource Sharing Terms. By ticking “I accept”, you agree you have read and understand Family for Every Child’s Resource Sharing Terms and that you will comply with all of the terms outlined.

3. Be kind, courteous and respectful. Healthy debate is to be expected and encouraged, but kindness, understanding and mindfulness, including of different cultural contexts, is required.

4. Hate speech,  bullying and degrading comments will not be tolerated. In this community, we celebrate diversity and commit to creating a safe space for all.

5. No promotions or spam are allowed on this platform. Post relevant content only.

6. Refrain from using Changemakers for Children to request funds for your organisation or project. The Changemakers community are local civil society organisations who seek to learn from each other and overcome similar challenges. You are welcome to share funding opportunities, ask questions and host discussions about fundraising on the platform.

7. Respect everyone’s personal privacy. Sensitive conversations or personal information should not be taken outside this group.

Users who violate our community rules may have their posts removed, their account blocked or, if required, be referred to the relevant authorities.

*CAT and YAT communities, please note your CAT and YAT Code of Conduct and the Safeguarding Policy also applies to this space.