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About Changemakers for Children

Changemakers for Children is an open, collaborative, global movement of people working in local civil society to improve the lives of children and families around the world. 

We believe every child should have the chance to grow up in a safe and caring environment. Unfortunately, millions don’t. This is a global issue, and it’s too big and complex for any one person to tackle alone.  So let’s work together. Changemakers for Children provides a space to unite as a movement of local civil society: to share our wisdom, take collaborative action, and make ourselves heard as a global movement for children’s rights. For the wider sector, this is the perfect space to learn from local civil society organisations (CSOs), on how, and why, to best engage with them. 

We know people working in local civil society with children and families have a rich and unique understanding of what works, but don’t always have the channels or resources to share their insights to achieve wider change. This platform helps capture learning and emerging practice to share more widely, so even more children and families can benefit from promising practices. It provides a space for us to harness our collective power to create change at a global scale, informed by the needs of our communities, and decentralise power in the sector by allowing new voices to come to the fore. 

We invite you to use this platform to take action for children’s rights:

  • Set the agenda: Create calls for collaboration to solve challenges you are facing
  • Strengthen approaches: Connect with others and develop new ways of working
  • Take collaborative action: Launch or participate in joint actions and campaigns
  • Exchange knowledge: Share your best practices and learn from others
  • Attend online events: Access a wide range of webinars and workshops
  • Share and discover opportunities: Learn about projects and initiatives you can get involved in, and find people to take part in yours.