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Caring for Children on the Move

Tens of millions of children are on the move around the world. Such movement can provide children and families the chance not only of immediate safety but of improved quality of life and freedoms that they are unable to access in their communities of origin. However, it can also place children at increased risk of violence, abuse and exploitation, and without adequate support, can compromise their health, education and overall wellbeing.

The ‘Caring for Children on the Move’ community of practice is a community space hosted and moderated by Family for Every Child. The group is primarily aimed at practitioners and service providers working with children on the move, but is also relevant to programme managers, policy makers and academics working in the sector.

The aim of the space is to build a global and collaborative group of stakeholders that works together to build support for change for children on the move, ultimately contributing to ensuring all children on the move are safe to live and develop, protected from harm, and can fully access their right to family care. Topics covered can range from preventing family separation, improving integration and reintegration, supporting mental health and increasing participation of children and young people on the move in the matters that affect them.

Through this space members will also receive regular updates about the activities and projects taking place within the Family for Every Child alliance in relation to children on the move portfolio. Over 2024, the space will host a series of Q&A sessions, webinars and discussions, with a specific focus on Family’s newly-published ‘Supporting Integration’ toolkit!

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