Prevention of domestic violence affecting children during COVID-19

Georgina Etheridge
Georgina Etheridge

Webinar recording available

Thank you to our amazing speakers and host for this enlightening webinar. If you weren't able to attend, you can view the recording below. 




  • How can we help prevent domestic violence during lockdown?
  • What locally-rooted programmes have been seen to work around the world?
  • How can we adapt interventions to different contexts?

These questions and more will be discussed in our latest webinar. 

Governments around the world responded to the spread of COVID-19 by imposing lockdowns, quarantines and school closures. While these measures have contained the spread of the virus, they have also increased the risk factors for intimate partner violence and child abuse, leading to what the UN has described as “the shadow pandemic of domestic violence”. 

Local civil society organisations have been on the front line with children, families and communities during the pandemic. We have seen that domestic violence is being inflicted on children either directly in the form of child abuse, or through children being affected by the increased intimate partner violence within families. 

In this online event we will hear from three local practitioners who are part of our global alliance about the innovative programmes they are using to tackle this issue. We will hear about how these programmes and practices were developed, outcomes and impact, and advice for implementation and adaptation in your own contexts. Speaker presentations will be followed by Q&A with the audience.


Champa Gunasekera and Samitha Sugathimala - Foundation for Innovative Social Development (FISD), Sri Lanka 

Subrina Sharmin - Association for Community Development (ACD), Bangladesh

Ashome Clarke - ChildLinK, Guyana


Helen Veitch, Interim Senior Programme Advisor - Family for Every Child

English, Spanish interpretation will be available.

Please enroll via this event listing. At the time of the event you will be able to join via this same page - a join meeting button will appear in place of the countdown. We look forward to seeing you there!