Participatory evaluation of practice: a new toolkit from Family for Every Child!

Georgina Brereton Etheridge
Georgina Brereton Etheridge Family for Every Child

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We are excited to share a new toolkit with our community at this upcoming workshop. A toolkit for participatory evaluation of practice.

This comprehensive toolkit gives us an in-depth look at principles of and tools for participatory monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL). The toolkit was created through a participatory process involving input from 21 Family for Every Child members, five of whom undertook piloting the tools within a peer-to-peer learning and exchange process. The resulting toolkit reflects practitioners’ experiences and needs, and we’re excited to share it beyond the Family for Every Child alliance.

Within the toolkit, you will find information about: Definitions of PMEL

  • Instructional guidance about how to conduct PMEL activities
  • An overview of the 22 tools included in the toolkit, which fall into categories of tools for prioritisation, tools for planning and tools for data collection
  • Templates and instructions for using the tools
  • Case studies of local CSOs implementing PMEL activities

In this workshop, you will hear more about the above, as well as hear directly from a few of the Family members who piloted the tools in their communities and programmes.

Practice exchange is at the heart of what we do at Family for Every Child, and for it to be impactful for both CSOs and the children and families supported, it should be rooted in evaluated practice. Through evaluation, we can build a body of evidence of effective practice in the sector, which will give weight to CSOs’ efforts to inform research, advocacy and influence policy and practice. When evaluation processes are conducted in participatory ways, there can be rich learning and exchange both between peer practitioners and the communities they support.

So please join us for this workshop! We hope this will kickstart a learning process within our Changemakers community about evaluation approaches so that we can continue expanding and developing our bank of tools and experience in this area.

The toolkit is available here in English, Spanish and French.

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The workshop will be in English, with Spanish and French interpretation available.