International approaches to child participation

Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews Family for Every Child
  • How can we ensure that adults listen to children and take their views into account?
  • What innovative approaches are being used around the world to amplify children’s voices?
  • How can we adapt these to different contexts?

These questions and more will be discussed in our latest webinar. 

The United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child recognises children’s right to freely express their views on all matters and decisions that affect them, and to have those views taken into account at all levels of society.

Practitioners therefore have a responsibility to encourage and support children’s participation in all areas of their lives. Participation approaches must be meaningful and adapted to local contexts to ensure they have the best chance of being effective.

In September, the Committee on the Rights of the Child will hold the Day of General Discussion on the topic of children’s rights and alternative care. Children and young people have submitted contributions to the discussion and will play an active role on the day itself to share their perspectives and experiences of care.

In advance of this important day, Family for Every Child is pleased to present this How We Care online event on International Approaches to Child Participation. We will hear from three local practitioners who are part of our global alliance about the innovative approaches they are using to ensure that children’s voices and experiences are listened to and acted upon. We will learn about the tools and approaches that these CSOs have integrated into their programmes to empower children, their outcomes and impact, and advice for adapting them to your own contexts.

Speaker presentations will be followed by Q&A with the audience.


Rita Panicker - Butterflies, India, 
Veronica Mora and Leonardo Velázquez - JUCONI, Mexico 
Ron Gutierrez - Legal Services for Children, USA


Deep Purkayastha, Director - Praajak, India


English, Spanish interpretation will be available.


Please enroll via this event listing. At the time of the event you will be able to join via this same page - a join meeting button will appear in place of the countdown. We look forward to seeing you there!

The recording of this webinar can now be viewed here: