The Facilitator's Guide outlines the importance of the questionnaire, how children and young people can participate, and the ethical guidelines for supporting their participation. A downloadable version of the survey is also available, to help children and young people prepare their responses offline. Please see below for guidelines. 

About this guide

The facilitator's guide has been developed to help guide adult support workers in administering the questionnaire and, if needed, in assisting children and young people to complete it. It also is useful if you want to hold a group discussion beforehand.  

The guide covers:

  • What is the Day of General Discussion on Children in Alternative Care
  • What is the Questionnaire?
  • Who should use this Facilitator’s Overview? 
  • Group Discussion (Optional) 
  • Flowchart: How Can the Questionnaire be Completed? 
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Other Entry Points into the Day of General Discussion on Children in Alternative Care

The guide is attached to this page. Download your copy to get started, and see the following chart for how adult professionals can support children to complete this questionnaire.


Downloadable version of the survey

Please note, this downloadable, printable version of the questionnaire (attached) has been created to help children and young people prepare their responses offline. Once you have prepared your answers, they should not be sent via email but should be entered into the questionnaire here

There are two versions of the survey:

  1. For children aged 11-15 years old
  2. For children aged 5-10-years old 

Any hard copies should then be destroyed, in line with the Facilitator’s Guide

If you have any difficulties completing the online form, particularly if these are linked to accessibility, please contact or

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