Welcome to How We Care 

How We Care is an initiative by Family for Every Child, an alliance of local civil society organisations working in children's care and protection. Family's members work in diverse regions and contexts globally.


On these pages, we showcase a variety of practices, share the latest research from Family for Every Child, and invite you to connect directly with participating organisations.

By coming together to exchange knowledge, we believe we can achieve greater change for children and families worldwide. 

How We Care introduction

How We Care Series

Access themed packages of learning that showcase a range of the models of practice and tools civil society organisations use to protect children. 

Practitioner Guidance Papers

In these papers we showcase a variety of practice via theme from local civil society organisations (CSOs), globally, and share guidance and practical tips for developing that practice in different contexts.

Podcast | Conversations on Care

Join Amanda Griffith, CEO of Family for Every Child, in conversation with local civil society organisations on their challenges and innovative solutions to furthering children's care. 

Toolkit | Preventing Domestic Violence Against Children During COVID-19

This toolkit brings together a diverse range of approaches that we’ve been using around the world, from family strengthening activities to providing therapy to those affected.

Disability Toolkit | Better Understand children with disabilities

The toolkit of resources has been collated to support Family members to better understand children with disabilities, their rights and needs, and the needs and rights of their carers, parents and other family members.