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We’re a global community of local changemakers working with vulnerable children and families.  

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About us

Learn more about Changemakers for Children and how you can get involved in this social network for Child Rights practitioners. 

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The Lived Experience Platform

Are you an organisation or network advocating for and with people with lived experience of care? Join the Lived Experience Platform to further positive practices in this field, and support our vision of creating a digital space for lived experience people's voices to be heard. 

Care during COVID-19

A community of practice to support your organisation's COVID-19 response and recovery.

Rise Learning Network

Engage with practitioners around the world on issues relating to sexual violence affecting children in this community of practice. 

Kinship care

Move forward kinship care by participating in practice exchange and discussion in this community of practice

(re)integration of children on the move

This community will generate learning and new knowledge and use it to create a tested practice and advocacy toolkit and to influence policy and practice change for children. 

Participate in the Child and Youth Consultation | United Nations Day of General Discussion on Children’s Rights and Alternative Care

The next United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child’s Day of Discussion is on alternative care - and we want to hear from children and young people with experience of alternative care. 

Access the survey as well as a facilitator's guide at the following link.

The power of civil society: Hear from local practitioners 

In the following video series, practitioners from across the world share examples of how inter-country CSO collaborations and practice exchange are leading to better outcomes for children. Watch below then start collaborating yourself by joining one of our communities of practice. 

Our partners

This platform and the Care During COVID-19 Community of Practice was generously funded by the the GHR Foundation