International Colloquium on Kinship Care

Leo Leal
Leo Leal Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens
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Virtual and in-person participation.

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Brazilian Association Terra dos Homens (ABTH) and the Judicial Coordination of the Children, Youth and Elderly Courts of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with Family For Every Child, the Intersectoral Group for the Care of Children and Adolescents in Kinship Care (GIN-FE) and the National Movement for Family and Community Coexistence, will host the International Colloquium on Child and Adolescent Care in the Extended Family (also called kinship care). The event will occur on November 6, 7 and 8, 2023, at the Rio de Janeiro State School of Magistrates (EMERJ).

“Care of children and adolescents in the Extended Family” (kinship care) refers to the care of the child by a family member who is not a father or mother or by close friends of the child's known family, whether of a formal or informal nature (UN). After reviewing the Brazilian National Plan for Family and Community Coexistence (2018-2022), this topic has received more attention. In the absence of a parent, it is understood that the child's care by a member of the Extended Family should be the first alternative. Such absence can occur for different reasons, such as tragedies, survival strategies (employment, housing), incarceration, family conflicts, domestic violence, and abandonment.

According to the normative of the Brazilian Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS), the care of children by the extended family is linked to social work with families, both in basic social protection and in medium and high-complexity protection. This Colloquium will be the first international event in Brazil to delve deeper into this topic, which is still known in Brazil as “subsidised custody or guardian family” and has generated confusion in applying the protection measure. We will present the Global Interagency Guidance on Kinship Care by Family for Every Child at this event.

The event will address the following topics, among others:

a) International and national vision of Extended Family Care;
b) Definition (formal and informal care);
c) How to enforce the priority right to maintain the original ties of children and adolescents;
d) national and international exchanges of experience;
e) Socio-legal dialogue on the topic.

The event will feature international agencies and organisations working on the topic in various parts of the world. More than 5 international representatives and experts on the topic from Brazil, will be present at the Colloquium.

There will be simultaneous translation throughout the event: English / Spanish / Portuguese.

Download the agenda to learn more about this event.