Unveiling the Elephant in the Room – Talking About Difficult Things

Caryn Onions
Caryn Onions The Mulberry Bush

The Mulberry Bush and Orb8 present this online seminar where we’ll be joined by MB3’s Marya Hemmings who will share her presentation ‘Children and their Offending Family – Where to Begin?’, Clair Hall from HMP Gartree who will talk about books by prisoners for their children. Roanna Bond and Kim Hardie from Ash Eton Therapeutic Community will also be joining us to run an experiential drama therapy workshop.

Learning objectives:

  • To improve confidence in talking with children about painful things.
  • To be better able to contain difficult feelings.
  • To be able to discuss uncomfortable issues in a safe way.
  • To help resolve and work through issues through relational work

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