Blue Umbrella Day 2023 - Raising awareness to protect boys from sexual violence

Blue Umbrella Day

Raising awareness to protect boys from sexual violence

BUD on Changemakers for Children

Blue Umbrella Day (BUD) is an international day on 16 April that raises awareness of how to better care for boys and protect them from violence.

This year, 22 members of the Family for Every Child global alliance in 20 countries will coordinate BUD events in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, as well as online via the RISE Learning Network on Changemakers for Children

The RISE Learning Network is a dedicated community of practice on the theme of prevention and response to sexual violence against children. Connect with colleagues from around the world and learn more about Blue Umbrella Day activities and actions by signing up today.

Take Action

There is still a long way to go to better protect boys from sexual violence - and it starts with changing attitudes. Help us raise awareness of this issue using our promotional pack.

Join a global movement to better protect boys this Blue Umbrella Day and help us to:

Draw attention to every child’s need for adult care – regardless of their gender

For too long, society has pressured boys to be brave, strong and independent; and given them more freedom than girls as a result.

Remind the world that boys can be victims of harm too

If we don’t give boys enough protection, we put them at risk of harm.

Fight harmful stereotypes of what it means to be ‘a real man’

Boy should not be ashamed to ask for help. Being a ‘real man’ means being kind to yourself and others. Too much emphasis on telling boys to be brave can make them feel embarrassed to come forward when they need adult help. This can lead to increased risk of sexual abuse, exploitation or harmful sexual behaviours.

Raise awareness of the need to protecting children online

All children can be at risk of online sexual abuse or exploitation, including boys.

Advocate for support services that are inclusive for boys too

There is a deficit of specialised services for boys affected by sexual violence.

Continue the conversation in our global community of practice

The RISE Learning Network is Changemakers for Children's community of practice on preventing and responding to sexual violence affecting children. Join the group now or register an account on Changemakers to connect with a global network of practitioners working on this issue, and receive news, events and opportunities related to Blue Umbrella Day.

Connect with people from several organisations, including:

Organisations involved

How to join the RISE Learning Network

If you don't have an account yet, please sign up on Changemakers for Children. If you already have an account, you can access the community and request to join it directly.

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