Local civil society organisations (CSOs) are experts in the challenges facing children and families in their communities and are uniquely placed to develop solutions to meet their needs. When local CSOs come together and share this expertise and knowledge, they are a powerful voice for change on a larger scale. 

In the following video series, practitioners from across the world share examples of how inter-country CSO collaborations and practice exchange are leading to better outcomes for children in their own contexts, including youth, participation and research initiatives.  

They also look forward to discuss how Changemakers for Children, provides a platform for furthering CSO connections and collaborations, with Claudia Cabral, Executive Director of Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens discussing how we need to invest in faster communication via the internet, and Abla sharing the better outcomes we can achieve for children and families when we exchange knowledge. 

"I'm very happy with this platform because it gives another new chance for NGOs and CSOs to chat and to discuss their success stories - and also the challenges. Because everywhere, we have almost the same challenges: Challenges in funding, challenges with dealing with rehabilitation systems, with the children, with the relatives and their families. So I think this experience worldwide helps a lot to improve our work with the children and their families.

- Abla El Badry, Hope Village Society

We need to invest in faster communication via the internet, and have the opportunity to travel without having to move at all, right? Which enables us to have new experiences. The platform [Changemakers for Children] is very good. Let's try this virtual exchange.

- Claudia Cabral, ssociação Brasileira Terra dos Homens 


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Collaborating to empower youth in Brazil

In this video we hear from Claudia Cabral of Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens about how a project to empower youth in Rio de Janeiro's favelas originated from collaboration with Indian children's organisation and fellow Family for Every Child member, Butterflies. Claudia tells us why she thinks a platform like Changemakers for Children is so important in the current situation.

Practice exchange for advocacy in Egypt


Abla El Badry from Egypt describes how collaboration and practice exchange with other member organisations of Family for Every Child was instrumental to Hope Village Society's successful advocacy work to ensure that street-connected children are included in Egypt's national alternative care strategy. Abla shares why in her view, the Changemakers for Children platform has the potential to create many more of these positive cross-cultural exchanges.

Collaborating on innovative participatory research


Ron Gutierrez of Legal Services for Children, USA tells us about the work they have been doing as part of Family for Every Child's Children on the Move Working Group and how their innovative participatory research project, alongside members in Mexico and Guatemala, aims to better understand the situation for children and young people migrating through Central and North America.


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This webinar explores the unique expertise of local CSOs and how the Changemakers for Children community aims to create a strong global community of CSOs to create lasting change for children around the world.