Four Family for Every Child members - Enfoque Niñez in Paraguay, ChildLink in Guyana, Butterflies in India and Centre for Prevention and Treatment from Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) in Philippines - have come together to launch Blue Umbrella Day, an international day on 16 April that aims to draw attention to the need to provide appropriate care and protection to boys to support their wellbeing. 

What is Blue Umbrella Day?

The Blue Umbrella Day is part of Family for Every Child’s wider programme of work tackling sexual violence affecting boys, including Global study and national research on Caring for Boys Affected by Sexual Violence in 7 member countries and our United for Boys Charter. The campaign is committed to increasing the global focus on this under-supported issue, promoting the rights of both boys and girls so that all children can live in a world free from sexual violence. 

The Campaign emphasises on the fact that we can protect boys from sexual violence; that all boys need adult care as much as girls and that we can start by changing our attitudes. 

On Blue Umbrella Day we are reminding the world that boys also need to be cared for and protected from any harm, including sexual violence. 

Get involved

We urge everyone to join this campaign and together challenge those harmful social norms that make boys unprotected, uncared for and feel ashamed to reach out for help. 

Everyone can participate in this campaign by:

  • Requesting a participation pack. We’ve got a range of materials to help you join our global awareness day on April 16. Request a participation pack here.
  • Share Blue Umbrella Day with your networks - and encourage them to also request a participation pack.  

Download the participation pack

If you have any questions about Blue Umbrella Day, or ideas on how you would like to support it, please comment below.